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We believe in the power of salespeople.

The everyday actions of the sales community have a profound influence on the world - we generate the revenue, serve the customers, bring the products to market, and create the industries with which people interact every day.

But for some reason, the profession is looked at as a solo journey, with each individual carrying the burden and bag alone. At AtlasOne we challenge that and believe all top revenue performers arrive at success through collaboration, empathy, and a give-before-take mentality.

We believe in the power of the team.

Members get access to

Career coaching

Growing alone is tough. The A1 community is here to talk transparently, confidentially, and meaningfully about professional issues. Members decode how to move forward learning from industry leading peers and executive coaches, and receive dedicated one on one support when needed.

Networking and community

Connect with professionals that have been in your seat before and be part of a community willing to share their experiences with you. Work through your challenges in a supportive environment and get practical tips and guidelines!

Executive insights

Enhance your awareness of your sector and improve your skills by learning what is working for people on other non-competitive sales teams. Attend signature sessions led by world-class speakers and workshops designed by industry veterans you know and respect.

Founding members from

Who is this for?

  • Growth

    Helping those who have started experiencing success in sales think about maintaining performance and upcoming career decisions.

  • Senior

    Helping those with decorated enterprise sales careers find new and interesting perspectives to continue leveling up.

  • Startup

    Helping those at the earliest stages of a companies journey bring new products to market. Founders are welcome to apply.

  • Leader

    For new managers (coming early 2022).

For companies

Build the people stack for your sales team.

  • Show top performers you are willing to invest in their ongoing professional development.

  • Free up internal resources and have peace of mind employees are being coached even when you are moving at hyper-speed.

  • Create greater workplace satisfaction by allowing employees to work through challenges in a safe space.

  • Generate and maintain more revenue through a happier and more grounded team.